Five Benefits of Outsourcing eLearning Projects

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Elearning has become mainstream and you can see businesses across the globe making it an integral part of their training initiatives.  Every company wanting to use  eLearning tools needs to first answer this question – Should we develop the  eLearning content in-house or outsource it?

Though the answer to the above question might vary with every company, it largely depends on several factors like the subject matter, requirements, and goals of the eLearning project.  There are some definite benefits that come with eLearning outsourcing. Here are the a few of them.

  1. Gain from Expertise of eLearning Vendors

You cannot be an expert in everything. To be an expert, you need to have knowledge, required skills, understanding, and experience in the relevant field. e Learning project outsourcing includes bringing in expertise (in form of experienced eLearning vendor) to the eLearning development process.

The eLearning vendor will have a team of eLearning professionals who have developed a myriad of eLearning projects for different companies which includes some companies having same learning and requirements as yours.  This experience enables the vendor to anticipate any difficulties in advance, troubleshoot them and suggest any improvements make your eLearning project more effective.


The eLearning vendors are known to invest in innovations and technology improvements to stay ahead in the race. Your company will get an advantage of benefiting from these innovations by partnering with leading vendor.

Also, having a team in-house with required skill sets for developing eLearning project can be costly. Besides, there is no guarantee the in-house team will be capable of accommodating all your learning needs.

  1. Reduced Costs

Another benefit is reduction in development costs. According to a research, companies who outsource their learning management systems are able to achieve a saving of 60% in operational costs and 42% in technical staffing in comparison to businesses who do LMS development in-house.

Outsourcing the LMS development eliminates the need to hire a team of eLearning development professionals which is a significant expenditure. Businesses also don’t need to upgrade the infrastructure for eLearning development.

  1. Timely Delivery

Your selected vendor can deliver the LMS in a timely manner as agreed in the contract. With the in-house team, there is no such guarantee.  The LMS vendor will have a detailed plan of the deliverables and will ensure the project is completed on-time.

Since the core business of the vendor is eLearning, they will have system and processes in place that are focused on delivering LMS projects on time. The professional team of your vendor will be habitual of ensuring a faster turnaround.

  1. Focus on Core Business

Every business is required to focus on its core competencies and develop them to stay ahead.  They need to invest time to plan for the future, make organizational changes, and evaluate training needs and plan for acquisition of needed skills.

Insufficient expertise and experience of the in-house teams can lead to delays in the development of eLearning tools thereby affecting the training schedule of the organizations.  By outsourcing the LMS development, business leaders can free themselves from worries related to LMS and have more time for critical tasks.  It will also allow business leaders to maintain organizational focus and plan proper usage of available resources.

       5.Ahead of the Curve

Outsourcing LMS development allows you to take advantage of latest technologies and best practices of eLearning development. Leading eLearning companies are always focusing on improving their methodologies and technologies which ensure your organization gets the most advanced learning tools offering optimal benefits.

Your LMS vendor can give you a better understanding of the technologies and functionalities of eLearning tools.  The selected vendor will also provide access to fresh perspectives that are hard to imagine for people not working in the LMS field.  The result of the eLearning tool is that you will have the latest methods of eLearning and be more effective in achieving their learning and training objectives.

Apart from learning and upgradation of skills, eLearning  brings many value-added benefits to the organization.  By opting for the outsourcing route, your organization can gain from the expertise, timely completion, lower costs,new perspectives and processes that give you eLearning tools that help you reach your business objectives.

Do you know any other benefits of the outsourcing eLearning project? Please feel free to comment.

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