ELearning Curriculum as a Part of Learning Ecosystem

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Elearning is continuing to be the preferred mode of education for countless professionals, experts, students and people who want to acquire a specific skill set or knowledge in any discipline. With the rise and widespread popularity of mobile apps today elearning is increasingly becoming integral part of overall learning ecosystem and this is by and large benefiting the students and learning process to a great extent. From the integration of social sharing with learning modules to the use of game logic in learning environment, from accessing educational deliverable and utilities through mobile apps to increasing collaboration of students and faculties over internet, all these already dominant and emerging trends are shaping education and making it possible for elearning to be integrated within the gross body of learning ecosystem.

Learning ecosystem goes way beyond classroom

Those days are long gone when curriculum and story based learning used to take place only within the bounds of classroom. After a few decades of growth in elearning (http://adulted.about.com/od/glossary/g/elearning.htm) now the question no longer is limited to your choice of classroom based curriculum or elearning module. The time has come when the horizon of deeper and greater integration of elearning with general educational environment seems to be inevitable. Already use of internet based learning modules, educational apps and social sharing has paved the way for elearning experience to be rendered to learners of traditional learning environments.

BYOD environment is making elearning a regular phenomenon

With the rise of mobile and hand held devices ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) has now given birth to a new learning environment where the learners can consult on anything over the web and social platforms in real time. This led to greater and bigger collaboration on the part of students and also faculties. With your handheld device opening up huge possibility of distant collaboration and sharing even so called classrooms experience is bound to be enriched by the web results and web based participation. The individual accessibility of web and device based learning is increasingly pushing up the boundary of traditional learning ecosystem to go beyond classroom and offer elearning experience.

Mobile apps simplified and enriched learning

Typically elearning delivers fast paced education with objective focus on performance, development of skill set, analytical skills and aptitude to deal with real world situation. An overwhelming range of mobile apps today come handy to help learning in these respects. There are professional education apps engineered for retention of crucial data and there are apps for training you in problem solving skills with gaming logic. Often these mobile apps actually simplify, enrich and accelerate learning for learners in a traditional learning environment.

Elearning is outpacing traditional courses in professional education

For a business manager seeking to get trained in new skill set and knowhow, a traditional curriculum is likely to seem more time consuming. Similar concerns are voiced by professionals and practitioners when considering engaging in a new course or learning module. On the other hand for professionals engaging in a new learning as per his schedule, availability and desired pace is only facilitated by elearning modules. Moreover, with mobile elearning apps and elearning modules being accessible over mobile internet, professional education became extremely handy and easier for different expertise levels.

Elearning curriculum is no longer just a separate type of course but with increasing uses of web and mobile interface in gross learning environments, they are now valuable part of professional education engineered for driving new skills and obtaining new knowledge. Learning ecosystem today can be thought equipped enough without the presence of elearning curriculum.

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