Finding a Great Online Preschool Curriculum

Over the past few decades, more and more of our services and pastimes have migrated onto the internet. We can go shopping online, do our banking, play games, and do just about anything that doesn’t actually require our physical presence in a specific location. Shopping and banking are mostly seen as adult activities, but children, […]

The Benefits of Preschool for Kids

Preschool is a fantastic way for to give you child a head start for school.  Preschool for kids is also a great way to get children interested in learning and excited to begin kindergarten. School is a huge change for a young children as this is often their first taste of regular education schedules.  If […]

Sensory Play is a Vital Component of Preschool Activities

When a five year old was asked about her most memorable preschool activities, without pause she indicated it was the crafts and play stations.  When asked why, she said it was fun to get dirty, to create, to use glitter and glue and play in sand and water, to try new things and to make […]